Ephesians 6:10-18

November 14, 2021 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Ephesians

Passage: Ephesians 6:10–18


- In Ephesians 6:10, Paul exhorts his readers in Ephesus to be "strong in the Lord." Acts 19 describes what was going on in Ephesus when Paul was there. From Acts 19, what kinds of things might be the "schemes of the devil" that Paul refers to in Ephesians 6:11?

- Do you think the devil still uses schemes today? How does Ephesians 6:12 help us identify the source of these schemes?

- What might some of the schemes of the devil in our times be? How do schemes like temptation affect our lives? Do we also need the strength in the Lord Paul is talking about to stand against these schemes?

- In Ephesians 6:13-18, what are things we can do to stand against this present darkness? Discuss any that are hard to understand. How often do you practice these things? How often should you practice these things?

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