Isaiah 6:1-8

December 19, 2021 Speaker: Bob DeLateur Series: Isaiah

Passage: Isaiah 6:1–6:8


- In Isaiah 6:8, God desired to send someone to his people in the kingdom of Judah during the reign of King Uzziah. From reading 2 Chronicles 26:1-15, it seemed like all was well with God's people in Judah. 2 Chronicles 26:16 gives us a glimpse of what was happening below the surface. Why did God want to send someone to his people?

- When God asks, "Who will go for us?" in Isaiah 6:8, how did Isaiah respond? From reading Isaiah 6:1-5, what was Isaiah's understanding of God? How did he see God? How did he see himself before God? Do you think the people of God in Judah were seeing God and themselves in these ways?

- How are you, like Isaiah, a person of unclean lips? How are we, like Judah, a people of unclean lips?

- How can we be made clean before a Holy God? What might the burning coal be a picture of in Isaiah 6:6-7?

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