Thessalonians: An Introduction

January 9, 2022 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Thessalonians

Passage: 1 Thessalonians 1:1


- First and Second Thessalonians are letters to the believing church in Thessalonica from Paul, Silvanus (Silas) and Timothy. What do we know about the church in Thessalonica? (read Acts 17:1-10) What do we know about Paul, Silas and Timothy? How did Paul feel about the church in Thessalonica? (read 1 Thessaloniains 2:17-3:3)

- If there are six themes in the letters to the Thessalonians (below), which do you think God most wants you to grow in?

  1. Celebration of the miraculous transformation of receiving the gospel.
  2. Celebration of joining Christ and the apostles in faithful suffering.
  3. Demonstration of faithful labor for the gospel.
  4. Answering the call to love one another.
  5. Striving for holiness through the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Living with the return of Christ in mind.

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