Matthew 8:5-13

April 3, 2022 Speaker: Series: Matthew

Passage: Matthew 8:5–13


- What was it that Jesus was amazed at in Matthew 8:5-13? How does the belief and faith of the centurion compare to yours?

- Why was the faith of the centurion so unexpected? Why do you think such faith was not prevalent among the Children of Israel, who were the chosen people of God? What does this say about faith?

- What made the faith of the centurion a humble faith? In what ways can our faith be a humble faith? Why do you think this is important?

- What made the faith of the centurion a reverent faith? What does reverence for God look like in our day and age? Is it church attendance? Wearing our best clothes to church? Reading a devotional every day? Or is it something else?

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