Sunday Mornings at ITC

Worship Services at Indian Trail Church usually consist of a time of singing praise to the Lord and an expositional message from God’s word, the Holy Bible. Many services also include time for brothers and sisters in the Lord to take Communion, and occasionally there are baptisms during the service. Offering is taken and giving is encouraged, but all donations are voluntary. The music is a blend of contemporary and traditional worship songs. Children of any age are welcome in the services. A television in our main foyer shows a broadcast of each service, so parents with fussy infants—or anyone who needs to momentarily step out—can watch from nearby without disturbing those in the sanctuary. Our multiple Worship Services are identical, with music, preaching and teaching mirrored each hour. At the end of each service, the ITC Prayer Team and some of the Elders wait at the front of the sanctuary for people in need of prayer or who wish to share praises.

During services on Sunday mornings at ITC, there are dedicated rooms and classes for children from infants up to 6th grade. This includes a nursery, a toddler room, a room for three- and four-year-olds, a preschool room and an auditorium for 1st-6th graders. Curriculum is gospel-centered and produced at ITC to be appropriate for each age group. Classroom teachers and helpers are given Washington State Patrol background checks before serving at ITC.

The first Sunday of each month at ITC is usually a Family Service Sunday. This is a Sunday where the 1st-6th grade class joins the main Worship Service in the sanctuary. In addition to the regular bulletin, a Kids Bulletin with sermon-related activities is handed out so children can follow along with the sermon. Also on the first Sunday of each month, special offering boxes will be set out at the back of the sanctuary for an extra Benevolence Offering. This money is used to help those in our church family who experience unexpected crisis, and occasionally to help those in our community who have desperate need.

Please join us Sunday mornings at Indian Trail Church—we would love to share our lives with you!