We are Gospel-Centered
At Indian Trail Church, our heartbeat is the gospel. Not a common word, but one that captures the essence of our life as a church. You see, the gospel is simply a word that means "good message." So what exactly is that message? Simply put, the gospel is the fact that despite our brokenness, rebellion and failure, God's great love has triumphed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because of the sacrificial love of Christ for His people, anyone who turns to Him and trusts in His sacrifice on their behalf is given new life, hope, freedom, forgiveness, God's abiding presence in life, and a future that cannot be altered by this broken world. This is a good message! And it's a message that defines us. The gospel is not merely a puzzle piece in the story of our lives...it's the lens through which we now view every area of our lives. It shapes us and reassures us. It affects us and propels us. It becomes our ground for personal change and our engine for work in this world. What we're called to do and be is always driven by who Jesus is and what He's done. Our prayer is that you would encounter this gospel, because in it you will encounter this Christ

We believe Membership in the local Church is important
Indian Trail Church believes Scripture teaches that God's best for each individual follower of Christ is to regularly gather together as a member of a local church, covenanting with brothers and sisters to honor and worship God and grow in Christ through the sharing of the joys and trials of the faithful Christian life. If you want to know more about membership at Indian Trail Church, contact Dustin Greenup at dustin@indiantrailchurch.com

Our members are ministry-minded
The heart of ministry at Indian Trail Church resides in its members. Scripture is clear that each member is an important part of the body that accomplishes the work of God by serving others in different ways. Small groups, bible studies, and prayer groups are just a few.  If you would like to know more about member ministry at Indian Trail Church, visit our member ministry page.