2ndpeter_logoGod wants you to grow. If you’re a Christian, that statement won’t surprise you. In fact, it likely conveys the deepest desire of your heart. But along with that desire to grow, you know the obstacles you’ve faced. You’ve experienced the pull of the world, the flesh, and the devil. You’ve sometimes been led astray by unhelpful, or even harmful, false teaching. You’ve felt enslaved to habitual sins that seem to entangle you again and again. And yet, despite all the hurdles, you still endeavor each day to follow Christ and live your life for Him. After all, He will come again. And when we see Him, all of life will be put into perfect and final perspective. God wants you to grow. And the good news of 2 Peter is that, by His word and through His Son, you can.

Sermon Schedule and Discussion Prompts

In addition to general study questions (found here), here are some specific prompts related to the 2nd Peter passages. We hope they will serve you as you study and discuss the Word.

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February 11th: 2nd Peter 1:5-7 {Mosaic of Maturity pt. 2}

  • As you look through this list of virtues, which one(s) would you say are best reflected in your own life? Which one(s) need you to "make every effort" in a new way in order to grow?
  • Look back through this list and write down a reason for each in the Christian life. Why is each one so vital to living a godly life in Christ? What might be the effects of its absence?

February 18th: 2nd Peter 1:8-9 {Forgetful or Fruitful?}

  • In your view, what would constitute an "ineffective" Christian life? How does your description connect with verses 6-7?
  • Why do you think it's important for the qualities listed in verses 6-7 to be "always increasing"?

February 25th: 2nd Peter 1:10-11 {The Road to the Kingdom}

  • Describe how you think the words "calling" and "election" are related. How are they distinct?
  • Describe "diligence" in your own words. In what areas of your life (parenting, work, fitness, etc.) do you think you show the greatest level of diligence? In what ways have you grown in diligence in your spiritual life?
  • How would living with your "kingdom entrance" affect your life in the here and now? What would change if your heart focused on this reality each day?

March 3rd: Series Break

March 10th: 2nd Peter 1:12-18 {Remember His Coming}

  • As Christians, why do we need reminders about the very truths we know and believe? What purpose does reminding one another serve?
  • What are some of the differences between Christ’s first coming (the incarnation) and His second coming (future return)? How do these each give hope in their own way?
  • What does Peter’s experience on the holy mountain have to do with the promise of His coming? How are the two related?

March 17th: 2nd Peter 1:19 {Pay Attention}

  • What is the main theme of the “prophetic word” mentioned in this passage? How do verses 16-18 help you understand?
  • The word of God is here called a “lamp.” Why is this an effective image? What does it communicate? What other metaphors for God’s word can you think of in the Bible?

March 24th: 2nd Peter 1:20-21

  • Do you think of the Bible as a book produced by man about God? Or do you think of it as a book produced by God about Himself (and man)? What effects would each of these views have on your use of the Bible in day-to-day life?
  • As you look at this passage, how do you see both divine and human elements of Scripture? How might this affect your use of the Bible (in interpretation and application)?

March 31st: Series Break