One to One Bible Reading (David Helm)
Imagine if there was a way that people could grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ in a way that returned gospel growth to the everyday fabric of personal relationship, rather than relying on church-run programs. What is this way that is so simple and so universal that it meets the discipleship needs of different people at different stages of discipleship, even non-Christians? We call it reading the Bible one-to-one. But what exactly is reading the Bible one-to-one? Why should we do it? Who is it for? In One-to-One Bible Reading: a simple guide for every Christian, David Helm answers these important questions.

Knowable Word: Helping Ordinary People Learn to Study the Bible  (Peter Krol)
Knowable Word offers a foundation on why and how to study the Bible. Using a running study of the first chapter of Genesis, the author illustrates how to Observe, Interpret, and Apply the Scripture—and gives the vision behind each step. It also shows how to read each Bible passage in light of salvation history. But besides being just a how-to on
Bible study, it fuels the desire to learn and grow through studying the Scriptures.

Sowable Word: Helping Ordinary People Learn to Lead Bible Studies (Peter Krol)
This book will inspire and equip believers in Christ to lead fruitful and engaging small groups where God’s Word is read, discussed, and put to direct use to transform lives. This book will equip leaders to open the valve on this living water so thirsty souls can drink their fill. This book will serve lay leaders and Bible teachers who have any degree
of experience. Some will gain confidence to lead their first Bible study that brings a neighbor to Christ. Others will learn to draw more deeply on the power of interaction, thereby overcoming their penchant for dominating conversations. All will discover the surprising glory and astounding fruit borne from leading a group of ordinary people to open their Bibles, read what’s on the page, and discuss how God might use these words to change the world