Knowledge Rejected

April 17, 2016 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Book of the 12

Scripture: Hosea 4:1–14:9


-How could a person wrongly understand the concept of "knowledge of God" in Hosea?How would you describe a faithful understanding of knowing God in this book? What does this show you about God and His relationship with His people?

-Why would a lack of the knowledge of God lead to particular sins in the lives of God's people? How did Kyle describe the two parts of the 10 commandments?

-What were some of the sins of the people of Israel during Hosea's time? Are there any of these which see expression in our own lives?

-What does it mean for God to "remember" the people's sins? What is our hope as we contemplate our own sin and God's judgment?

-As a group, read Hosea 6:1-6. What portion of this passage is most encouraging or challenging to you and why?

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