Psalm 73

August 30, 2020 Speaker: Jeremy Barnett Series: Psalms

Passage: Psalm 73:1–28


- In Psalm 73:2-3, the psalmist describes a problem in his heart. What is the problem he describes? What are some ways you see the wicked prospering in the world today? Have you ever felt the kind of envy the psalmist is talking about?

- The psalmist talks about a change in Psalm 73:16-17. Where did he go to   What does it mean for someone to go "into the sanctuary of God?" Why is that important?

- What did the psalmist realize in Psalm 73:21-22? How are we like that? What can change us from ugliness and opposition to God to what is described in verse 28?

- Even in a world of great iniquity and inequity, can you join the author of Psalm 73 and say that truly, God is good?

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