February 13, 2022 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 6:1–7


- In Acts 6:1-7, what was the story of behind the first people who were given the role of Deacon? Why did the church need to appoint Deacons? What did they have to do with love, unity and gospel proclamation in the church?

- What is the purpose of a Deacon? How does Mark 10:43 shed light on what Deacons do? How does a Deacon ministry differ from the normal ministry of church members?

- How are the areas of ministry Deacons are needed for identified by a church? How does a church know who could fill the ministry of a Deacon?

- Discuss the qualifications of Deacons that are outlined in 1 Timothy 8-13. Why are these important?

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