ITC Confessions: Of Perseverance

May 30, 2021 Speaker: Kyle Schwahn Series: ITC Confession of Faith

Passage: 1 Peter 1:3–1:5


- What does it mean to be preserved by God in faith and faithfulness to Christ? What does it mean to be called to persevere in faith and faithfulness to Christ until the last day? How do you think these things work together?

- Talk about what each of these elven things does to help you persevere in faith:

  • Look to Christ (Hebrews 12)
  • Cast your anxieties upon him (1 Peter 5)
  • Abide in Christ (John 15, 1 John 2)
  • Put on God's armor (Ephesians 6)
  • Kill your sin (Hebrews 12)
  • Be a part of a church (Hebrews 3)
  • Get over possessions and pleasure (Matthew 6)
  • Don't stop coming to church (Hebrews 10)
  • Memorize God's Word (Psalm 1, Luke 4)
  • Prepare for trials and persecution (1 Peter 1, Acts 14)
  • Set your minds on things above (Colossians 3)

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